How to Change Your Name in Florida

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The official petition to change your name in the state of Florida is called the Florida Petition 12-982(a) and is available on the Florida State Court’s website. On the form, you must certify that you are not seeking a name change for any illegal reason. Complete the petition, then sign it in the presence of a notary.

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You need to send Form DS-82 along with the original or a certified copy of your name change document, your current passport, a new color passport photo and a fee. The passport name change cost is: $140 for a passport book and card

Instructions for Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.982(a), Petition for Change of Name (Adult) (02/18) copies, and the clerk can tell you the amount of the charges.

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The Florida Name Change Law Center is a resource on changing your name in Florida.. Start Your Name Change Today! Visit our dedicated Florida Name Change Law site to buy forms to legally change your name in FL. Our name change kits include: All the forms you need. Filing instructions also included.

Legal name change falls under the Florida Supreme Court, however by local rule approved by the Supreme Court, County family courts hear name change applications. A legal name change in Florida can be costly, typically costing around $500. There are two parts to legal name change. First, petition the court and receive a certified copy of your.

Disclaimer: This website is a joint collaboration between southern legal counsel and Florida Justice Technology Center.This website does not constitute legal advice and is provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee. Although an attorney is not required to successfully update your name or gender marker, you may want to seek legal guidance from a licensed attorney.

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