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Where Americans Are Moving by Joel Kotkin 11/27/2012 The red states may have lost the presidential election, but they are winning new residents, largely at the expense of their politically successful blue counterparts.

THE CITIES WHERE AMERICANS ARE MOVING NOW. 1 of 10. No. 1: Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area. Net Domestic Migration, 7/10 to 7/11: +39,021 July 2011 Population: 6,400,511

 · Some of the most commonly reported reasons for moves to the Mountain West this year were due to retirement (28 percent), proximity to family (21 percent), and a lifestyle change (19 percent). idaho saw the largest number of new residents citing a lifestyle change as their reason for moving.

Great location and helpful staff, nice to the residents. No toilet rolls. And Sadly the behaviour of the residents in the hostel ( many long term residents who had anger management issues ) was the most odd I have ever known. Other people staying told me they had moved rooms 3 times due to residents moving them out !

This was the first time that an American received this honor. This connects Philadelphia to the rest of the world because an influential man who was raised in the city and played a big role in his community became the first American to be in charge of a foreign nation’s military corps, an honor that not many people have ever received.

Most counties in the Northeast and Midwest had more Americans moving out than moving in, while parts of the South and West saw a net increase from domestic migration.

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Here’s where Americans are moving to and from. Andy kiersz. business insider. March 26, 2015. Reblog. Share. Tweet. Share. The US Census Bureau recently released its estimates of how the.

It’s that time of year when Americans get their move on. We scouted out which big cities they’re fleeing in droves-and where they’re moving instead. The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving.