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CHAPTER II THE MARCH TO CABUL. The 13th regiment was extended in skirmishing order in the gardens under the wall of this face, and a detachment of sepoys was detailed to make a false attack on the eastern face. Near the centre of the northern face was the Cabul gate, in front of which lay waiting for the signal,

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Adj. many, several, sundry, divers, various, not a few; Briarean; a hundred.. stuff up, shut up, dam up; blockade, obstruct &c (hinder) 706; bar, bolt, stop, join the majority; come to dust, turn to dust; cross the Stygian ferry, cross the.. 883. make a note of, jot a note, pen a memorandum &c (record) 551.

Northbay MDS meeting agenda (work in progress) for Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 Voting members and organizations are asked to provide agenda topics no later than Monday evening. Individual members are encouraged to take action, to sign petitions and make donations. Action Items: 1) That Northbay MDS moves to hold two online meetings a month.

Early in 1776 the functions of this committee were absorbed by what became the marine committee, although not at first so called, which since Dec 14 had existed side by side with it. See especially the memorandum of Charles Thomson quoted in the Journals (ed. Ford), under Jan. 25, 1776 (p. 90 n) ; also the Journals, Sept. 19, 1776.

The Indian-haters of Florida tried repea:tedly to persuade the federal government to resume hostilities against the redskins but Washington officials flatly refused. Memo r ies of the costly, bloody campaigns of the previous war were still too fresh. Washington was willing, however, t o meet the Florida demands half way.

House Insurance Alternatives michigan house democrats guarantee 40% cut on your car insurance bill Michigan House Democrats said. but allow seniors to use "Medicaid and other lifetime retirement health care" as an alternative. "As it stands today, the Affordable care act presents a stand-alone command to buy an insurance product. currently a.

American rebels began blockading Dr. Shattuck, by sundry corrections, brings down the number o f Boston sailors in 1840 to 3,312, and the census o f 1845 gave 2,593. A statement of the Treasury Department in 1829, gave 11,720 seamen to New York State, as many within 4,000 as the whole number stated both in ocean and internal navigation in 1840.