Retired Teachers Scammed In Ponzi Scheme – Securities Law

 · Thus, 80 years of securities laws requiring that “non-public offerings” or “private placements” remain “private” (including conditions intended to limit the offering to potential investors with whom the company or its senior management have pre-existing relationships) have been overturned.

Retired Teachers Scammed In Ponzi Scheme Going Public LawyerOn June 1, 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced it had brought charges in a Ponzi Scheme. According to the SEC Charges, the scheme was orchestrated by an investment adviser who took siphoned money from his investment fund and defrauded investors, including several local teachers and law enforcement.

Madoff is hardly the one to say in jailhouse interviews that victims of his $65 billion criminal ponzi scheme. law enforcement agencies and among different levels of supervisors. It seems everyone.

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 · Madoff Victims: What Will They Get Back?. Victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme may have allowed themselves a rare smile on July 14, when the.

reached a settlement at the beginning of December with 140 victims of the Ponzi scheme operated by Kenneth Wayne McLeod, who committed suicide in June 2010 after his $34 million scam was discovered..

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Federal Judge sentences jacksonville ponzi scheme operator Who Defrauded Retired Teachers By Gregory Tendrich, P.A. | Posted on July 8, 2015 On June 12, a federal judge in Jacksonville sentenced the former operator of a Ponzi scheme to 10 years in prison.

Spence had spent years working two jobs to fund a comfortable retirement. “It became a Ponzi scheme. King of Ponzis,” Dopking says. PPB raised the alarm after stepping into Wickham in late December.

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Ponzi schemes. Dividends but no real investment. One of the simplest yet most effective investment scams is the ponzi scheme. The promoter promises investors a return on investment and says it is secure, but there is no real ‘investment’.

Regulatory & legal activity. bernard madoff perpetrated a multi-billion dollar scam that defrauded investors. What every investor should know is that Ponzi schemes, even as extensive as. Contact information for all state and provincial securities regulators is available here.. retirement planning. youth & Educators.