Rare Safe Harbor Victory for Homeowner Associations

The safe-harbor practice does not apply to the federal tax credit for residential projects, which also begins to step down.

Meaning of Florida "Safe Harbor" for HOA. House in HOA was foreclosed and FNMA purchased it at auction; estoppel prepared, now FNMA wants to know if the HOA will agree to follow "FL Safe Harbor". If.

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On the surface, Florida’s condominium and homeowners association safe harbor statutes appear to define mortgagees’ pre-title liability to an association. However, there is a tremendous amount.

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Condo owner shares her LM Funding hoa horror story. Posted on June 29, The association is funded up front for the safe harbor amount of assessments that would be paid to the association following a lender foreclosure. In Florida, the safe harbor amount is up to 12 months of unpaid.

With a recent ruling by Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal, community associations scored a victory. inserted safe-harbor language into our state’s statutes because they wanted to incentivize.

The safe-harbor practice does not apply to the federal tax credit for residential projects, which also begins to step down next year and expires completely in 2022. But homeowners who decide. their.

But most litigators are not familiar with this protection, which has, in many cases, caused the loss of the liability limitation the safe harbor provides, says Martin Schwartz of Bilzin Sumberg.

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