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The reality is that a single deed means that the townhouse or condo is a single family residence NOT a multifamily property. 2. Duplexes (2 to 4 units) are usually under one deed and hence they have multiple tenants. In the strictest sense of the word, they could be called multifamily.

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9-0 PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT (PUD) A PUD is defined as a mixed-use residential development of single-family dwellings in conjunction with rental, condominium, cooperative or town house properties. A residential development. mortgage loan. FHA’s interest is therefore more immediate and

Homeowners insurance carriers ^ #Video – Finance USA Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the things that can damage your home, belongings, or hurt you financially. It covers wind/hail damage, fires, lightning, theft, and more. Plus, it covers injuries that occur on your property and lawsuits against you, such as someone suing you because they were hurt at your home.First Quarter Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Fall 6 Percent from 2010  · "We expect that there will be nearly 1.6 million new bankruptcy filings by year end." How did your state’s residents rank in likelihood to file for bankruptcy? This table shows all 50 states’ rank.

That means if your condo is $200,000, you need to have $50,000 in your savings to put down at closing or get a higher interest rate compared to if you bought a townhouse for the same price. Lenders have been wary of condo loans since the whole mortgage breakdown. They aren’t worried just about you as a condo owner defaulting on the loan.

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A "site condo" is most likely a freestanding condo (not attached to other units) and is a single unit located on condo association land. You can also have pud freestanding units where the land is owned by the building owner and the owners pay a monthly/quarterly fee for all exterior maintenance, very similar to and often confused with condos.

What to Know Before Getting Your First Mortgage Mortgage Masters Group A master mortgage is the mother ship of all home loan contracts. The master document is the primary reference used throughout the life of your home loan, with all its subsequent variations. The term "master mortgage" was devised by major lending institutions and governments to refer to a written contract used to record a lien on a property.Zillow: Renters Will Need to Earn More to Cover Housing Costs Mortgage Masters Group

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