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This is for the Ganzers who placed second in the guild wars for the dark set. You all really gave Imperium a run for our money and lots of it too! I actually feel bad you got the second place award. GameLoft really have it wrong when second place only awarded the guild an ex-bow. You deserve much more than that! Anyway much respect to all of you.

Marc C. Ganzi is a Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Bridge. In addition to overseeing Digital Bridge’s growth and shaping its strategy, Mr. Ganzi is a Managing Partner and an Investment Committee Member at Digital Colony.. Mr.

Mark was born May 18, 1951 in Streator, IL. He passed away September 15, 2017 in Elgin. Mark is survived by his son adam ganzer; sisters, Gay (Mike) Offutt and Marianne Ganzer; and nephew Scott Offutt. He was preceded in death by his parents, Ralph and Anne Ganzer and.

Tier I Teams: Criteria: have won 65% or more of their game, OR have won 7 out of last 10 – or better, OR have won 4 in a row – or better

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Mark Ganzer on October 25, 2014 at 6:29 pm said: Done.. It was sad to read the blog from Kennett and what he went through. Adelaide I will.

I happen to be a fan of the government investing money into what is commonly called infrastructure projects. I strongly believe that any reasonable businessperson, even one who works for the government, should be able to invest money at 1% interest rates and get a better than 2% return on taxpayer money.