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The shaded score above is the lower mid score, and the one that the lender will use for qualifying purposes. Fortunately, a number of strategies can help if your spouse or partner has a credit.

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Can My Husband Get a Home Mortgage in His Name Alone. – While married couples commonly apply for a joint mortgage, your husband can get mortgage financing on his own, as long as he qualifies. Normally, a couple’s combined incomes and healthy credit histories increase the chances of qualifying for a loan, but if one of you has bad credit, a lender could deny your loan application or charge you a higher interest rate on a loan.

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Should You Get a Joint Mortgage? – SmartAsset – Cons of a Joint Mortgage. While combining your assets in an application can help one person up, it can go the other way. Say you’re applying with your spouse who has a pretty bad credit history. If your history isn’t stellar enough, his score could could harm both your chances. In that case, it might be better to apply for an individual.

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But even if your credit and income are good enough to qualify for a loan on your own, applying together still might be a better option, as each scenario has its tradeoffs. My partner has bad credit. When applying jointly, lenders use the lowest credit score of the two borrowers. So, if your median score is a 780 but your partner’s is a 620.

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Can I get a mortgage if my partner has bad credit? – How to get a mortgage if your partner has bad credit. With the right advice from the specialist mortgage brokers that work with us, there are lenders that may offer a mortgage, even if a partner has a less than perfect credit history.

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