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Inca Architecture – The Temples of the Incas. The most important examples of Inca architecture seen in the temples that remain of this ancient american civilization include, among others, the Casa del Sol (House of the Sun) on the island of Lake Titicaca, the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, Peru, and the Temple of Three Windows in Machu Picchu, Peru.

They are distinguished by a non-functional atrophied sting and they're organized in incredibly fascinating hive architectural structures, which maintain a different.

ConstruyeIdentidad emerged due to a lack of interest in traditional techniques and the homogenization of style in Peruvian architecture. The project aims to create an appreciation of local materials.

Historical cities and colonial architecture – when Peru was conquered by Spaniards, quickly were developed new cities with rich colonial architecture. Some cities retained Inca and earlier planning and even buildings and now represent a unique blend of urban planning and architecture (Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Cajamarca).

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A woven white canopy, bamboo cane walls and earthen floors form this workspace for archaeologists on digs in Pachacamac, Peru, which was built by architecture students from Zurich and Lima. The Room.

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Famous destinations full of wondrous architecture, spectacular scenery or ancient mysteries. tourist hotspots are trying.

The culture in Peru is absolutely amazing! The people are extremely friendly, the food is delicious, and the architecture is beyond scenic. The colors and the.

Colonial Peru Architecture. The Spanish colonized Peru during the 16th century, conquering the last Inca stronghold in 1572 and establishing their own cities in a style that became known as Spanish colonial or Viceroyal architecture. It fused popular European styles, such as Baroque and Renaissance, while retaining elements of traditional Incan architecture.

Peruvian University Students Win World Architecture Festival’s Inaugural ‘Water research prize’. world architecture festival has announced the winner of its inaugural Water Research Prize. First place was awarded to a team of students from Pontificia Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) who designed a water management system that "captures, stores, and treats rainwater and inserts it into pre-existing water networks.".

“The conception of the architecture of the hotel did not aim to work around. wood-textured concrete Edificio E building at Universidad de Piura in northern Peru, and this semester, the pair are.